This is where we gather. Indoors. Outdoors. Lifting. Running. Recovering. Connecting. If you want to experience fitness within a dedicated group of like-minded individuals, this is the place for you.

Group Session Activities

Gym Sessions


Workout in a group within the structured safety of a fitness gym. We'll practice high intensity interval training, strength and conditioning workouts including movements that you perform in your day-to-day life, like lifting, squatting, pulling, pushing, etc.

Obstacle Course Sessions


Make your way through a forest trail filled with various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. Obstacles may include climbing over walls, carrying heavy objects, traversing bodies of water, crawling under barbed wire and jumping through fire. 

Running Sessions


Embark upon beginner or advanced running training programs to improve your cardio and endurance. Explore the backroads and trails of North Glengarry and Area, pace yourself on our obstacle course and run indoors when weather disagrees with our plans.

Recovery Sessions


You'll be guided through various rest and recovery exercises. This will include mindful Yoga sessions, impactful Roll and Release sessions and other classes to train you how to heal your body successfully.

Cross Training Field Trips


Beneficial and effective exercise comes in many forms. Explore new fitness adventures like climbing, cycling, boxing and more!

Monthly Group Session Membership at Agoge includes:

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How Does It Work?

Group Session Members get to choose from the following included Sessions every week: 2 Gym, 2 OCR (Obstacle), and 2 Run Sessions.

PLUS, 2 Recovery Sessions are included every Month.

PLUS, up to 2 optional Field Trip Workouts per Month at an extra cost of $30 per Trip. Trips include travel, participation, a beverage and a snack.

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